About OK Service Corporation

OK Service Corporation is among the most important providers of continuous professional development in Romania. In the twenty-one years of activity the company earned and maintaned this status by respecting the principle of placing the client and his/her needs on top of the priority list.
Yearly, over 2500 specialists from various professional domains choose to improve their knowledge and professional skills with OK Service Corporation. Our clients are part of private companies, public institutions, non-profit organisations but we also have as clients freelancers, unemployed people, people looking for a new career or students. Every single one of them find here not only the highest quality training they need, but also attitudes and values essential to their professional development.

1991 – The Beginning

OK Service Corporation was founded as a response to the needs of a society in full social and economic change. The changes and challenges in the beginning of the ‘90s sprung up new needs for training and adapting to a business market in continuous change. OK Service Corporation was the first private institution in Romania dedicated to short term professional training programmes and a creator of professional development programmes for middle and top management.


We offer professionals the necessary knowledge and skills to upgrade, consolidate and improve on time their professional performances.

We offer organisations support to:

  • adapt to change and maintain control over the change processes
  • enhance their performance and competitiveness
  • evolve and prosper

Business lines

After becoming leader of the short term professional training courses market, starting with the mid ’90, OK Service Corporation went through an ample process of expansion which at present concluded in four business lines.
These comprise of national programmes of training for numerous education domains relevant to the Romanian economic environment, international programmes dedicated to specialists who want to connect to the international education and business environments, executive education programmes for top management and TEFL courses for those who want a career change and the oportunity to teach English in a foreign country.

The dynamics of the economic environment surpasses, sometimes, even the most carefully designed plans of professional development. Constantly, new competencies are required for new rules. To be prepared for the next day’s challenges means to be able to change your priorities rapidly. It means to be able to do tomorrow what you discovered you have to do today.
Florin Bocioacă