In the two decades of activity OK Service Corporation obtained numerous accreditations and recognitions that offer the guarantee of training programmes that are aligned with the best practices in the field, programmes that were designed at the highest educational standards and that have an updated and valuable scientific content.

By offering the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits for the programmes offered by the accredited institutions, EQAC (Education Quality Accreditation Commission) promotes, at world level, high standards of education and recognizes professional excellence and quality in the complex sector of adult education. Through EQAC, OK Service Corporation is the only accredited private provider of professional development in Romania. Other prestigious institutions that have obtained EQAC recognition are: EDHEC Business School, IBM Institute of Business Management, Open Universiteit Nederland or Cluj-Napoca Technical University. Through this accreditation, OK Service Corporation is the only private provider of professional development that can give ECTS credits to those taking part in its programmes. These transferable credits are worldwide recognized, including the Romanian education system once it adhered to Bologna System of Education.

NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR ADULTS' PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is the institution that gives accreditation to providers of professional development for organising development, qualification or specialisation courses at a national level. OK Service Corporation has been recognised as a professional development provider in the National Registry of Professional Development Providers since 2000 being among the first providers registered in the mentioned registry. Ever since, OK Service Corporation has been collaborating permanently with the National Council’s representatives to constantly improve the quality of our courses but also to broaden the spectrum of training domains. At the moment OK Service Corporation has authorisations for providing training programmes for 42 professions from the National Registry of Professions.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-government organisation that functions under the form of a network formed by the national institutions of standardization from 163 countries thus helping to implement sets of common standards. The general standards can be applied to any organisation in the public or private sector. ISO 9001 refers strictly to a set of requirements for implementing a quality management system. Following a strict and systematic external audit of the activities within the company, that focused on whether the needs and expectations of the customers are carried out, OK Service Corporation obtained the ISO 9001 accreditation in 2009. The quality management system monitors the efficiency of the following aspects: policy referring to quality, standardization of the procedures, identifying and eliminating flaws, systems for preventing and correcting actions, system management analysis – everything for providing our clients services of the highest quality.


The course was an exciting one and what I liked the most was the fact that each participant's needs were taken into consideration in a flexible and open manner. I came back with a pleasant and useful experience.